The Ocean Bet Casino offers an opportunity to play live in inplay mode. This is particularly admirable because not a lot of online casinos offer this, so be sure to check it out if it tickles your fancy. Playing in live modes can be so much more rewarding because then you are actually playing against real life people in real time. So what is live inplay mode? Well, it is to do with sports betting, and real life sports tournaments that are happening as we speak. If you're a big fan of the sporty life, then this option would be most suited towards you. Be sure to keep onn reading my review to find out much more. There is a lot to be discussed here.

Everything to note about the Live Inplay mode

When you first open the Ocean Bet Casino, you're going to be welcomed to their homepage. Here, you will see headers such as casino, live casino, games, sports and live inplay. Click on whichever one works for you best, but in today's article, we're going to be specifically talking about the live inplay section. Once you click on the header, you'll be given yet another set of headers which you will get to flick through. These are all of the different types of sports that are offered in the Ocean Bet Casino, such as highlights, soccer, basketball, tennis, cricket and aussie rules.

Under each of these sections, you can click on the further headers such as match result, both teams to score and total over/under. By doing so, you can examine the relevant information. The information is live of course, so it is constantly flickering and changing. Be aware of that, because it can be slightly confusing at the beginning. For example, a couple of their most popular matches and leagues include the likes of the Hawkesbury City South Coast Flame, the Brisbane Knights The Gap, and the Kingston City Dandenong City options. There are many bits of information to look at here, so be sure to give yourself plenty of time to examine it before you start placing bets.

The Verdict

There are so many reasons to play at the Ocean Bet Casino, and the live inplay feature is just one of them. Check out the rest of them if you're interested in finding out more. Overall, this casino and feature has got a huge thumbs up from me. It's awesome!